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AOSA Executive Headquarters

American Orff-Schulwerk Association
147 Bell Street, Suite #300
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
(440) 600-7329 Fax:(440) 600-7332  e-mail:
Executive Director: Carrie Barnette:

Contact Information:

General questions:
Membership questions:
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Chapter Inquiries:
Audio Visual Library:
Teacher Education Course Approval Questions:
The Orff Echo: Laurie Sain, Editor:
Reverberations: Marjie Van Gunten, Editor:
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AOSA National Board of Trustees:

President – Chris Judah-Lauder:
Vice President – Joan Stansbury:
Recording Secretary - Connie Van Engen
Treasurer – Amy Fenton
Industry Representative – Randy Hargis
Region Representatives
Region I:     Linda Honn, WA – Lori Conlon-Khan , ID
Region II:    Kay Judson, NV – John Buschiazzo, CA
Region III:   Jay Broeker, MN – Lorelei Batislaong, TX
Region IV:   Betsy Kipperman, MD – Lisa Hewitt, FL
Region V:    Charles Palella, NY –  Erik Kolodziej, PA
Region VI:   LuAnn Hayes, KY –  Lisa Sullivan, IN

National Conference Chairs:

2014, Nashville, TN, Tiffany English and Alice Pratt
2015,  San Diego, CA, Kay Lehto and Rhonda Greeson