Reserve a banquet table for your group before arriving at the conference. Talk to your chapter president, colleagues from your summer levels course, or a group of friends from across the country.

  • Make sure your friends have purchased a banquet ticket and check if they want to sit with you.
  • Make your on-line table reservation anytime after July 1.
  • Remember—tables seat up to ten people. So, if you have more than ten we’ll have to split you up to adjacent tables. Less than ten? Don’t worry, we’ll find some new friends to sit with you.
  • When you check-in at conference, you’ll find your table number on your name tag and save the hassle of finding a seat!

You can still purchase a banquet ticket at the on-site registration booth, but space is limited. Check for available tickets before Friday. If you don’t reserve a table before the conference, don’t worry. Stop at the banquet seating booth in the exhibit hall before and between sessions. We’ll find you a table!

Your name tag is your banquet ticket. You must take your name tag to the banquet.