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The Orff Echo seeks applicants for the Editorial Board

The PDF file below includes the job description for members of The Orff Echo Editorial Board. Applications for the position should be completed using the on-line application form. Deadline for application submission is February 1, 2016. Echo Board Job Description

AOSA member Charlotte Rudolph makes news with Orff Schulwerk

After taking my first course at CMU, I fell in love with this child-centered approach to music education and how it naturally flows with a child’s understanding and view of the world and allows learning to come through play and experience,” Rudolph said. Read the full article.

Special Course at the Orff-Institute in Salzburg

“Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education – Orff-Schulwerk” will be offered from October 1st, 2016 to June 30th, 2017. The Barbara Potter Scholarship Fund was established to help AOSA members who would like to study at the Orff-Institute. Special Course Information 2016-2017

AOSA Member Dan Peters makes news with Orff Schulwerk

“The music teacher at Loomis Elementary School in the Marple Newtown School District, Peters incorporates Orff Schulwerk, an approach dedicated to creative music and movement. He will be to attending the American Orff Schulwerk Association National Conference in San Diego in November and the organization has asked him to serve as equipment chair for the… Read more »

Stansbury represents AOSA at the 2015 Orff-Schulwerk Forum in Salzburg

As one of her first official duties as president of AOSA, Joan Stansbury represented the organization at the 2015 Orff-Schulwerk Forum held in Salzburg on July 2 – 5, 2015. This year’s discussion topic was “Interculturality and Orff-Schulwerk”. Representatives from thirty-six Orff-Schulwerk Associations and Associated Schools/Institutions discussed the “Why”, “What” and “How” of respectfully and… Read more »

The Orff Echo Editorial Board is soliciting articles about “Group Creativity and the Schulwerk.”

The Orff Echo Editorial Board is soliciting articles for the Summer 2016 issue. Our feature topic is “Group Creativity and the Schulwerk.” We invite various types of submissions such as (1) philosophical and theoretical work reflecting the benefits of small- or large-group creative music making; (2) Orff pedagogical techniques for integrating group activity; (3) empirical… Read more »

Back-to-School PowerPoint presentation about Orff Schulwerk

The AOSA PowerPoint presentation about Orff Schulwerk will help inform your school community about what students learn in your classroom. Consider showing it at: Back to School Night Curriculum Night PTA Meetings Parent Teacher Conferences Open House Events “Pre-show” at music concerts and programs School Board Meetings Link to school music webpage