Creative Movement: Exploring Laban’s Theories in the Orff Classroom

by Deborah Ann Stuart

A more complete explanation of the process discussed in this article from the Winter, 2015 issue can be found in the PDF below.

Sequencing Methodology

The Orff Angels: Adults Learning Through the Schulwerk

by Joan Bell Dakin

In Joan Bell Dakin’s article, “The Orff Angels: Learning Through the Schulwerk” (The Orff Echo, Winter, 2015), she mentions arrangements that she and colleague Kay Albrecht created to support the senior group’s music. Below is the complete arrangement of one such song, Lone Wild Bird.

Lone Wild Bird

Technology Follows Performance

by Chris Judah-Lauder

This worksheet and song examples were mentioned in Chris Judah-Lauder’s “President’s Message: Technology Follows Performance” in the Fall, 2014 issue of The Orff Echo.
Worksheet (pdf): Down to E Garage Band Project
Audio Example: “Down to E

Audio Example: “Indigo Blue Arabatzis

Creating Songs With Sounds and Rhythms From Nature

by Jean Young
In the fall 2014 issue of The Orff Echo, author Jean Young describes how she uses impressions from the wild natural world to craft songs for children. Listen to the full version of A Beaver, one of the songs discussed in her article “Creating Songs With Sounds and Rhythms From Nature.”

Assessment: Perceptions and Challenges of General and Choral Music Teachers

by Chet-Yeng Loong
This document contains the complete survey results which are the basis for this research article published in the summer, 2014 issue of The Orff Echo (46:4), pages 58-66. Loong Assessment Survey Results

Practical Strategies: Aligning Orff Schulwerk and Common Core State Standards

by Gerry Petersen-Incorvaia
The following matrix is a tool for planning Orff teaching experiences in line with Common Core State Standards. Read more about this topic in the Spring 2014 issue of The Orff Echo.

Reflective Technology: Using Recording Tools in the Music Classroom

By Dave Thaxton
Listen to a sound recording of the spontaneous music creation referenced in the article:  Reflective Technology: Using Recording Tools in the Music Classroom by David Thaxton, found in the Fall 2013 issue of The Echo. 

 Learning Through Exploration and Play

©2007 by  Peggy McCreary

“An article with enticing illustrations in the Summer 1998 Orff Echo, “Learning From Orff Instruments,” by Giovanni Piazza, had a profound affect on my teaching. I tried some of the ideas in my classroom and began taking pictures. Each year I think that the students have invented everything possible, yet they amaze me again and again.”

The complete article contains many photos, so files may take a few moments to download.

Designing with Bars
Classroom Setups / Breaking the “Rules”
Children’s Discoveries
Musical “Playgrounds and Toys” 
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Building the Fence Directions
Activities with the Fence