Video: Introduce Orff Schulwerk to your school community.  (2 min.)

Video: Invite parents, administrators, and others to watch an Orff Schulwerk class. (7 min.)

AOSA Advocacy Brochures in English and Spanish are available on our About AOSA page.

Visit the Music Education Policy Roundtable to learn how like-minded organizations partner to support sequential, standards-based music education to students across the nation.


Video: Best-selling author Dan Pink discusses right-brained thinking, music education, and today’s economy. (29 min.)

A Musical Fix for America: This article from the Wall Street Journal proposes music education as a solution to “some of the thorniest and most expensive problems facing American education.”

How we teach the arts is as important as the fact we’re doing it:  Michael Rosen shares his checklist for how teachers can ensure that arts education is worthwhile for all students.

Listen to Why Music Education Matters: an interview excerpt with Dr. Brent Gault, chair of music education at Indiana Jacobs School of Music. (Excerpt from The Voice of the Performing Arts on WICR 88.7, Indianapolis Public Radio; co-hosts: Jeff Swensson and Steven Libman)

Doug Goodkin shares his thoughts about the importance of music education in a 2013 TEDx talk.