What Is Orff Schulwerk: Sing, Say, Dance, Play: A 2-minute video offering a brief look at the journey of discovery children experience while making music and movement the Orff Schulwerk way.

Watch an Orff Schulwerk Class in Action: A 7-minute video, with teacher commentary, that models how children learn through Orff Schulwerk.

A Musical Fix for America: This article from the Wall Street Journal proposes music education as a solution to “some of the thorniest and most expensive problems facing American education.”


How we teach the arts is as important as the fact we’re doing it:  Michael Rosen shares his checklist for how teachers can ensure that arts education is worthwhile for all students.

Listen to Why Music Education Matters: an interview excerpt with Dr. Brent Gault, chair of music education at Indiana Jacobs School of Music. (Excerpt from The Voice of the Performing Arts on WICR 88.7, Indianapolis Public Radio; co-hosts: Jeff Swensson and Steven Libman)

Doug Goodkin shares his thoughts about the importance of music education in a 2013 talk for TEDx.