Top Ten ways to increase attendance by college students…..

10.  Create a visible presence at your state & local conferences
9.  Become a partner with the student chapter of NAFME
8.  Find out if your local university music department can email or text information to all music education students
7.  Have an active presence on social networking!  The time is now! Don’t get left behind!
6.  Reduced or free membership!
5.  Provide real world topics such as a mini-session at the end of the day or lunch discussion with help for student teaching, job interview advice, etc.
4.  Contact the local university music fraternity/sorority and provide a mini workshop or social to create interest and curiosity.  This is a great opportunity to help feed your local starving college students with pizza!
3.  Class credit for an assignment or observation hours
2.  Create a rapport with the local Music Education professors

And the #1 way to attract a college student….

1. Free Food!