How to convince your administrator that you NEED to be at this conference:

Engage student creativity
The Orff approach excels in what children need to experience in order to be creative: success, curiosity, originality, and satisfying relationships. The Schulwerk combines these in an organic outcome that leads to deep learning and creativity, an invaluable skill as children grow into contributing members of society.

Learn how to incorporate 21st Century Skills and the Common Core into instruction It is important, as music educators, to be knowledgeable about current trends in education and to be leaders in our school sites. Orff Schulwerk teachers have been teaching the 4 C’s of the 21st Century Skills for decades: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity. Specific conference sessions have been planned to meet this topic of interest.

Select from over 150 professional development sessions Expert Schulwerk practitioners present active, hands-on music making that allows you to further develop your musicianship and teaching process.

Learn effective research based strategies Research shows that play is the work of childhood. The Schulwerk is based in exploration, imitation, and creation, which are hallmarks of playful learning. Orff Schulwerk teachers have been implementing these strategies for decades and continue to be on the forefront of best practices. Come and learn from the best in field!

Network with colleagues from around the world See how educators from around the globe incorporate the successful Orff approach in their teaching. Be renewed by eye-opening and thoughtful conversations with educators from many kinds of teaching environments.

Experience high quality performing groups Only the best of the best are selected to perform at the AOSA Conference. Come hear groups that will uplift your spirit, spark your creativity, and inspire you to expand your own performing group’s repertoire and ability.

Energize and rejuvenate your teaching As soon as you get back to work, you can start implementing the teaching strategies and process that you have learned. You will be learning from the best at the AOSA conference and your students are the beneficiaries!

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