AOSA is pleased to offer sessions on a wide variety of topics relevant to your work in the classroom. More than fifty educators will be presenting and AOSA would like to announce these featured presenters that will be at the San Diego Professional Development Conference:

Galhano, Clea Clea Galhano, master recorder player and teacher, will share her pedagogical insights and present sessions featuring beautiful Brazilian music. Beginning and advanced recorder players alike will have opportunities to work with Clea.
Frego, David David Frego, Dalcroze Euthythmics presenter of international fame, will share sessions focused on the nuance of phrasing, as well as Ehrhythmics in therapeutic settings.
Marques-Estevao Estevao Marques comes to us from Brazil to share songs, dances and games, and will also present innovative sessions focused on playing the spoons and body percussion.
MK w-Remo drumsmal copy 2 Mary Knysh, drum circle facilitator, will share sessions on therapeutic drumming as well as drumming and the brain.