The barred instrument set is listed on your contract. However, if you’re placed in a room that holds more than 100 participants, the number of barred instruments increases from 12 to 23. The room sets are not variable due to the number of concurrent sessions, and number of sessions per room. The local team has to provide everything beyond the ten sets owned by AOSA. Everything must be placed on Wednesday and packed up on Saturday. Any confirmed special requests will be placed in the room before your session. Do NOT take anything from another session room.

July 8 – Online registration opens at

August 1 – Session notes must be received by deadline to receive registration discount. Please use the  Presenter Template 2019

August 1 – Materials list request for our exhibitors to sell in the Marketplace – No one may sell products in any session or event. Email list to

October 1 – Last call for session notes. Notes will be posted online and available in hard copy format for purchase. You will not receive a discount code to register after August 1.

Please respect the AOSA Copyright Policy

Photo Copies – The Salt Palace Business Center offers on-site, full-service print, copy, and shipping center located inside the convention center on the north end of the upper concourse. For more information, contact the Business Center at 385-468-2228 or

Cables, Connectors:  click on images for better view
Cable-ends-w These cables are provided in session rooms. The cable on the left is a 1/8″ plug for sound, the cable on the right is a VGA trapezoid for video.
iMac-dongles-w Mac presenters will need one of these two “dongles” to connect for video. You must provide your own adapter.