Saturday, November 10, 2018 – “Planting the Seed, Sharing the Wisdom”

Panelists: Judith Cole, Carol Erion, Ester Gray, Barbara Grenoble, Carolee Stewart, Charles Tighe
Moderator: Tiffany English, AOSA President

To honor AOSA’s 50th anniversary celebration, six AOSA members with long & distinguished histories in the organization were asked to share thoughts and reflections, based on two questions. Excerpts from their answers are shared, below.

  1. What wisdom from the past would you impart to the current generation?
  2. What do you know now that you wish you had known then?

Barbara Grenoble: Take every opportunity to understand the Orff Schulwerk philosophy and history. Enjoy teaching – the next day will be fun, even if today wasn’t.

Carolee Stewart: Enjoy the route your life takes and be willing to take the chances that come along. Know when to say “No”.

Carol Erion: Teach your students how to be composers and how to be creative. We need to give the Schulwerk to the next generation and see where it goes.

Ester Gray: Embrace opportunities, even things that seem unlikely. Don’t typecast yourself. Recognize your strengths.

Charles Tighe: The 1967 Tanglewood Symposium, along with the evolution of the Memphis program from 1967-1987, precipitated the need to include African American cultural heritage/influence into our curricula. The result was a new focus on the inclusion of spirituals, blues, and jazz.

Judith Cole: Be mindful and thankful for all the AOSA trailblazers of the last 50 years – our founders, teachers, researchers, editors. “Bring up our young members to be caretakers of the gifts that are AOSA and Orff Schulwerk.”