Saturday, November 10, 2018 – Basic Teacher Educator Advancement

On Saturday morning of the AOSA National Conference in Cincinnati, OH over two dozen teacher educators met for the Levels Roundtable discussion. The topic of the day was “How to encourage and facilitate the transition from Level I to Level II.” While this question could be interpreted for either instructors or students, the discussion clearly moved into how instructors can feel supported and empowered to make the transition. The need for Level II and III instructors was discussed, as well as the timeliness for updating the instructor approval and scope and sequence process.

Many ideas for support were offered for those looking to move up to a new level:

  • Observation of a basic section during your own course if scheduling allows.
  • Mentorship programs with Level II and III instructors
  • Opportunities to shadow in a course other than your own.
  • Mentoring and support while preparing scope and sequence, and considering how Level I would be reviewed in Level II, and Level II in Level III.
  • A repository for the sharing of notes and lesson ideas, as well to see points of commonality between notes.

Obstacles were discussed, such as an uncertainty of timing for levels instructors to feel they are ready to move on. Also, with full course schedules and loads, finding the time for shadowing, observations and mentoring is often an issue. Applying for and writing a Level curriculum can be a daunting task. We are excited to see how the revisions of the process can help encourage and support instructors to become certified and teach the next level.