JaSeSoi ry 2018 International Music Village

The International Music Village 2018, formerly World Village, will be at hotel Keurusselkä in Keuruu Finland from July 29-August 3. The Music Village theme for 2018 is “It takes a Village to make Music – it takes Music to make a Village.” Educators are Elisa Seppänen (Finland) ja Raúl Cabrera Hernández (Cuba/Spain).

JaSeSoi ry, Orff-Schulwerk Association of Finland, will provide a scholarship for an AOSA member to the International Music Village 2018. This award, valued at 469 euros, includes tuition and cultural activities during the World Village course (double room, board, and education). Last year there were 80 participants from 18 countries from all over the world. For more information check out the JaSeSoi ry Music Village 2018 brochure and visit the World Village Facebook Page.