“Going to the Institute: Promises and Possibilities” was the subject of this year’s Meeting of the Minds. During the session, four panelists gave information from different perspectives on visiting and studying at the Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria.

Shirley Salmon, director of the Special Course shared information about the beginning and purpose of the Institute. Carl Orff’s vision was for a training center in which music, movement, and speech should be taught with equal emphasis. Founded in 1961, the Institute moved into their own building in 1963 and quickly became known internationally for their work.

There are studies in German, with a special course and a summer course in English. AOSA offers the Barbara Potter scholarship, which provides financial assistance for studies at the Institute. Some of the benefits of study at the Institute were gaining a clear picture of the Orff process, experiencing a diversity of teaching styles, and giving an international perspective.

For more information about the Institute and the courses offered, visit their website at