Roundtable: AOSA Endorsed Teacher Educators, Atlantic City 2016 – November 5, 2016
Reporters: Dave Thaxton/Jaree Hall, Reverberations Editorial Board

Each year during the AOSA National Conference, teacher educators meet together for a round table discussion. They are continually evaluating the scope and sequence of each level and area of teaching in order to maintain high quality in all teacher education courses throughout the country.

The main topic for discussion this year centered around pedagogy. After initial introductions and thoughts, the group broke into small groups according to levels and areas to discuss specific questions given by facilitator James Harding. Lively discussion was heard as people shared successes, concerns, and wishes from their experience in teaching teachers.

Everyone came back together to share a few thoughts with the entire group. There was some agreement about needing to provide time in the levels courses to teach to peers, suggestions about using model groups to work with, using real life videos of teaching to model pedagogy, and the need to balance assignments and pedagogy.

The Curriculum Oversight and Revisions Subcommittee (CORS) continues to oversee the ongoing management of the curriculum. Comments and ideas can be sent directly to the committee through this CORS email address: