The Orff Echo publishes informative, lively articles covering all aspects of Orff Schulwerk. Each issue contains a special feature of two to three articles, in addition to other general interest articles. Potential subjects might include:

Current Developments in Education can address issues that affect the daily work of music educators, including education initiatives, trends in curriculum and instruction, and issues related to music education advocacy. These articles can connect music educators with each other and the work of their colleagues in general education.

From the Classroom can provide a glimpse of quality music making and learning in Orff Schulwerk-inspired classrooms. While not a forum for sharing lesson plans and procedures, these articles can offer inspiration, encouragement, and solutions to many of the challenges experienced by music teachers in various settings.

History articles can spotlight historically significant events in the Orff Schulwerk movement in America. Look for stories about pioneering individuals who sought to educate themselves and others about this unique pedagogy and set into motion a movement that lead to the formation of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and its affiliated chapters. Articles can also chronicle the history of AOSA’s programs and services and discuss AOSA’s roots and influences as the 50th anniversary approaches in 2018.

Orff Schulwerk: Contemporary Applications articles share ideas and strategies for applying the fundamental principles of Orff Schulwerk in new contexts and using new tools. Possible subjects may include contemporary music and instruments, arts integration, new technologies, extensions of elemental style and theory, and multicultural sources. Encourage “outside the box” thinking by exploring new possibilities for adapting Orff Schulwerk in a rapidly changing world.

Portrait Series articles illuminate the hard work and vision of individuals who brought the Schulwerk to the United States. Recognizing the profound educational importance of the Orff approach, these men and women founded the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, built local chapters, fostered opportunities for ongoing teacher education through national conferences and certification courses, and built a vital music education industry that serves and supports the specialized needs of thousands of Orff teachers nationwide. These first American Schulwerk students became our inspired and inspiring teachers, mentors, guides, and friends. They brought passion, energy, discipline, creativity, joy, and wisdom to the classes and workshops that continue to draw hundreds of teachers nationwide. Nearly fifty years after the first North American teacher training sessions began in Toronto, the voices of these American pioneers echo with the same spirit of adventure, excitement, and commitment that took them into the heart of the Schulwerk as students.

Research articles expand and enhance our knowledge of music teaching and learning. Articles may report a single research study or a review of the research literature in ways that enable teachers in the field. These articles may be quantitative or qualitative and must include a discussion of the ways in which this information can be applied in the classroom. Research articles may be submitted for a blind peer review process; please contact the editor for more information (2,200 words).

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While issues of the Echo publish special features of 4-5 articles, any subject can be published in any issue. Have an idea? Contact a coordinator today!

Issue Topic / Feature Coordinator(s) Contributor’s Deadline
Fall 2018 Contemporary Recorder Pedagogy Richard Lawton, Christine Ballenger February 15, 2018
Winter 2019 Shades of the Schulwerk Nicola Mason, Roxanne Dixon, TBA May 15, 2018
Spring 2019 The Body in Motion Matthew Stensrud, Christine Ballenger, TBA August 15, 2018
Summer 2019 Orff Schulwerk and Inclusivity Lisa Lehmberg, Matthew Stensrud, TBA November 15, 2018
Fall 2019 Soul of the Schulwerk Richard Lawton, Roxanne Dixon, TBA February 15, 2019
Winter 2020 TBA May 15, 2019
Spring 2020 TBA August 15, 2019

Contact the Editorial Board:
Christine Ballenger—ceballeng@gmail.com
Roxanne Dixon—rxndxn@gmail.com
Richard Lawton—richard@richardlawtonmusic.com
Lisa Lehmberg—lehmberg@music.umass.edu
Chet-Yeng Loong—chetyeng@hawaii.edu
Nicola Mason—nicola.mason@eku.edu
Matthew Stensrud—mstensrud@gmail.com
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Process Spring Summer Fall Winter
All Submissions to Issue Coordinator(s) Aug. 15 Nov. 15 Feb. 15 May 15
Final Copy from Issue Coordinator(s) to Editor Oct. 15 Jan. 15 Apr. 15 Jul. 15
Ad “Order by” Date Dec. 18 Mar. 18 Jun. 17 Sep. 17
Ad Submission Deadline Jan. 1 Mar. 1 Jul. 1 Oct. 1
Author/Photo Permissions Deadline Date Jan. 31 May 1 Aug. 1 Nov. 1
Print and Mail Mar. 1 Jun. 1 Sep. 1 Dec. 1

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