Gunild Keetman Assistance Fund

Application Procedure:

All necessary pages and forms must be completed and submitted using the online application (link below) no later than midnight on January 25. Letters of reference must also be completed and submitted online or received by AOSA headquarters by January 25. Incomplete applications or applications that are missing required components will not be considered.

The parts of the application include:
Part I: Basic Information (page 1 of online form)
This section includes: personal and school contact information, questions about your membership status in AOSA, and basic grant information. Please answer as completely as possible.

Part II: Curricula Vita (page 2 of online form)
Vita that includes:
•   Professional Experience: List your most recent professional experience first. Include job title and dates of employment.
•   Education: List most recent first. Include dates, degrees earned, and Orff Schulwerk teacher education.
•   Other Professional Activities: Professional Associations, Performing groups, etc.

Part III: Project Description, 1-2 pages (page 2 of online form)
Please describe the nature and purpose of this project, and its immediate and subsequent value to:
1)  the population you represent/teach,
2)  to you, and
3)  to AOSA. Make your statement as complete and concise as possible to help the committee in its evaluation of your request.

Part IV: Additional application materials
*Name and address of Institution (page 1 of online form)
*Professional Development Confidential Financial Statement (page 3 of online form): This form includes:
• Costs associated with attending the professional development opportunity
• Personal and household income information
• Statement of financial circumstances

Part V: Professional Reference Letter Forms (page 4 of online form)
Give a copy of the reference page to three people who are to write a letter on your behalf.  Letters are due to AOSA headquarters on January 25. References may be uploaded to the online application, submitted via email to, or sent through standard mail to AOSA. Topics should include:
(a) Relationship to the applicant
(b) Knowledge of subject matter and teaching ability
(c) Relationships with supervisors, colleagues, students
(d) Work ethic: industry, follow-through, responsibility
(e) Evidence of interest or past experience in working with students of low-income populations. Letters should be sent directly to AOSA Headquarters.

Funding of Project

If awarded a grant, AOSA will send an acceptance letter along with a Grant Agreement that is to be signed and returned before payment is processed. Additionally, copies of the tax returns used to complete the original grant application must be submitted. AOSA will send a check to the individual, pending return of the above mentioned paperwork, by April 30. If the grant is for more than $599, the grantee will receive a 1099-MISC in January of the following year. Grantees are responsible for keeping receipts of expenses for their own tax return. It is understood that funded professional development/projects will be completed by December 31. If the funds cannot be used by that time the committee may grant an extension if the request is made in writing by January 1.

Completion of Project

Upon completion of the project and in accordance with the Grant Agreement, an acknowledgement in the form of a thank you note, a head shot of recipient, and photographs of children playing the new instruments, in the case that monies are used for that purpose, are due to AOSA at within thirty days of completion. If sending photographs of children, a Universal Photo Permission form (included with grant agreement mailing) must accompany the photos.

Gunild Keetman Assistance Funds will not be awarded to the same person more than once in three years. If a request has been denied, a person may apply again the following year.