Guidelines and Policy for Applicants

JaSJaSeSoi ry, Orff-Schulwerk Association of Finland, has generously provided a scholarship for an AOSA member to the International Music Village 2019, in Mooste Mois manor, Estonia. This award, valued at approximately 500 Euros, includes tuition, room and board in a double room. The scholarship recipient is responsible for all other costs, including transportation. This conference will be taught in English.

  • This scholarship is for an AOSA member who has not previously attended International Music Village.
  • The scholarship is for full tuition and limited cultural activities. There is no additional support for travel, accommodations, meals, or miscellaneous expenses.
  • Applicant must be a member of AOSA in good standing for two calendar years prior to application.
  • Applicant must have completed a minimum of Level II Orff Schulwerk teacher education.
  • Applicant must be a citizen of the United States or have resided in the United States for the past five years.

Background: The mission of the International Music Village is to unite music educators of different countries and cultures. Located in the Finnish countryside, music and human spirit are elements of this efficient week. To quote one of the participants, “The friendship of all the participants, the support, encouragement, sharing and caring has been exhilarating. The identity of purpose, values, and beliefs in the ethos of music education was a strong common bond. The unique personalities, all from different backgrounds, experiences, countries, political and religious values, age, and areas of responsibility within music education, all bonded within the umbrella of one huge loving family….The common spirit of fun, laughter, mischief, understanding, hard work, and ambition prevailed. The spirit of music lives on!”

Application Procedure:
All necessary pages and forms must be completed and submitted using the online application (link below) no later than midnight on January 15. Letters of reference must also be completed and submitted online or received by AOSA headquarters by this due date. Incomplete applications or applications that are missing required components will not be considered.

The parts of the application include:
Part I: Basic Information (page 1 of online form)
This section includes: personal and school contact information, questions about your membership status in AOSA, and basic grant information. Please answer as completely as possible.

Part II: Curricula Vita (page 2 of online form)
Vita that includes:
•   Professional Experience: List your most recent professional experience first. Include job title and dates of employment.
•   Education: List most recent first. Include dates, degrees earned, and Orff Schulwerk teacher education.
•   Other Professional Activities: Professional Associations, Performing groups, etc.

Part III: Essay, 1-2 pages (page 2 of online form)
Please prepare an essay detailing your interest in attending JaSeSoi ry International Music Village.

Part IV: Professional Reference Letter Forms (page 3 of online form)
Give a copy of the reference page to three people who are to write a letter on your behalf.  Letters are due to AOSA headquarters on January 15. References may be uploaded to the online application, submitted via email to, or sent through standard mail to AOSA. Topics should include:
(a) Relationship to the applicant
(b) Knowledge of subject matter and teaching ability
(c) Relationships with supervisors, colleagues, students
(d) Work ethic: industry, follow-through, responsibility
(e) Evidence of interest or past experience in working with students of low-income populations. Letters should be sent directly to AOSA Headquarters.

Link to the online form