The materials listed below are recent publications. Unless otherwise indicated, items mentioned on this page are available at your favorite music dealer. Check this list of AOSA Industry Members for contact information.

Beatin’ Path Publications

Peace by Piece: 23 Choral Pieces of Love, Hope, Peace, and Unity by Kerri Lynn Nichols. All songs were written or arranged by the author. Orchestrations for piano, pitched/unpitched percussion, unison, canon, and choral parts, and some body percussion. There are opportunities for composing additional lyrics. Suggestions for movement, arrangements, and cross curricular activities included. Supplemental materials available for download including audio files for some songs. Free sample of one song available from the website.

I’m a Trumpet Man: Unison Treble Voices for Orff Instruments (7 pieces) (Grades 3-6); and, Mary At the Kitchen Door: 2-Part Treble Voices with Orff Instruments (7 pieces) (Grades 3-6) by Dr. Patrick Ware. Both books present a collection of material developed in the general music classroom, in workshops, and for concerts and festivals, with student input for text and mallet percussion parts. Though vocal and instrumental complexity vary, the selections are appropriate for a wide range of students’ abilities and development. The first collection includes opportunities for vocal and instrumental improvisation and can be performed by a unison choir. The second collection includes pieces for mixed meter and odd meter compositions, jazz pieces, and arrangements of folk songs and spirituals. Supplemental materials including individual student songs sheets and MP3 accompaniment tracks are available for download. PDF files can be downloaded/imported into interactive whiteboard software.

Musica Activa – Melodic Expression, An approach to music education by Jos Wuytack and Judy Sills. Text provides an in-depth pedagogical analysis of melody as used in the approach developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman. Each chapter outlines a specific component of melody. The elemental melodic style presented allows children to experience and learn at a fundamental level. The melodic examples come from world folklore or from simple compositions with accompaniments presented in elemental style. Although the text focuses on melody, the musical examples can be adapted and expanded to the teaching of other elements of music and the inclusion of children’s literature. Also available is the companion text, Musica Activa – Rhythmic Expression which focuses on rhythm.

Painted Music – Integrated Art, Music, and Children’s Literature Activities by Aimee Curtis Pfitzner. A new resource for elementary music teachers featuring cross curricular connections between music, art, creative movement, and select children’s literature. Each literature selection includes activity suggestions, songs and instrumental music partnering, colorful art examples, Orff process teaching and instrumental arrangements, rhythmic and melodic notation, and extension activities. Supplemental and online materials are included with each book, including manipulatives, visuals, and vocal scores. Playlists for musical resources are available in iTunes and Spotify.

The Lorenz Corporation (including Heritage Music Press & Memphis Musicraft Publications)

Music and Magical Movement – A Collection of Listening Lessons (ages PreK-6) by Katie Grace Miller. A collection of listening lessons integrated with movement activities designed for active listening. Each lesson includes a selection of music with prescribed movement activities to complement the music, suggested materials, music vocabulary, and additional activities that will engage students with the goal that students will be able to describe and speak musically about what they have heard. Digital files can be accessed with a password included in the text.

Percussion Parade (Grades K-5) by Artie Almeida. A wealth of lesson and performance ideas with the focus on non-pitched traditional (metals, shakers, skins, woods) and non-traditional (basketballs, plates) percussion instruments. Skill development and music theory/literacy are embedded in the lessons. Instructional videos demonstrating detailed teaching steps for many of the lessons, projectable visuals, and links to recorded and streamed music are available for free download with password. (Music can also be accessed on Spotify and iTunes.)

Buckets to Body Percussion – Drumming on a Dime (Grades 3-6) by Mark Burrows. Written from experience, the author outlines how to create and manage a percussion program using inexpensive buckets, bins, plastic bottles, coffee cans, and drum sticks. Sections include bucket classroom management, call and response activities, body canon, palmas (intricate hand clapping), bucket canon, body ostinatos, world grooves from polkas to Habanera, and full arrangements. Suggestions and tips for teachers provide useful guidance.

Mad Robin Music

Boom Chick A Boom – Jazz for All Ages CD by Doug Goodkin and the Pentatonics, 15 songs, 60 minutes of music. Fifteen songs with three play-along versions for kids of all ages. The three play-along tracks allow students to jam on Orff instruments with the jazz band.

West Music

Ukuleles on Board: Play and Sing Songs in the Music Class (book and digital file access) by Marty Gross and Sally Haines. A collection of sequential lessons for ukulele incorporating the ukulele with general music classroom activities and resources. Examples are provided for Orff instruments, recorders, and a variety of percussion instruments. Digital access files for each unit include step by step projectable lesson slides. The folk songs used throughout the text provide students with cultural and historical connections. Other resources included are a chord chart, strum chart, how to replace ukulele strings, and how to choose classroom ukuleles.

Feel the Beat! Dance Poems that Zing from Salsa to Swing! (book and CD) by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Kristi Valiant. Colorfully illustrated book of original poems partnered with fourteen diverse dances such as the Two-Step, Argentine Tango, and the Bhangra. The rhythm and meter of each dance is reflected in it’s partner poem. A CD of the author reading the poems to the music for each dance is included with the text. Information about the dances is provided as a reference. This is a read along, listen along, and dance along book for elementary students.