This application procedure is to be followed when applying for the following grants/scholarships: AOSA Research Grant and AOSA Research Partnership Grant. Application information for all other grants and scholarships will be found on the pages linked to those opportunities.

All necessary pages and forms must be completed and submitted using the online application (link below) no later than midnight on January 15. Letters of reference must also be completed and submitted online or received by AOSA headquarters by January 15. Incomplete applications or applications that are missing required components will not be considered.

Individuals may apply for more than one scholarship or grant per year, but only one award can be granted. If a previous scholarship/grant request has been denied, a person may apply again the following year.

The parts of the application include:


  • Previous and current positions and duties
  • Education
  • Teacher education in Orff Schulwerk – include levels courses, other professional development courses, workshops
  • Articles or publications
  • Work experience in Orff Schulwerk – place, grade levels, clinical situations
  • Other relevant experiences

Letter of reference from someone who is familiar with your teaching and research.

Research Proposal including the following:

RESEARCH COMPONENTS – A proposal not exceeding 1500 words (excluding references). The proposal must include:

  • Title
  • Abstract (maximum 250 words)
  • Introduction and rationale for the study that is framed by the literature
  • Statement of objectives, purpose and research questions
  • Research Methodology/Modes of Inquiry/Data Sources
  • Discussion of findings or projected findings (for research in progress)
  • Summary of conclusions
  • Implications for and/or application to Orff Schulwerk and the profession
  • References

ITEMIZED BUDGET PROPOSAL – The budget proposal should include a detailed justification of each item in the budget proposal. The following are examples of fundable budget items:

  • Service fees, trade dues, editing fees, data entry, data analysis, transcribing, (not salaries, teaching assistantship, or research assistantship stipends)
  • Equipment: software, external hard drive or flash drive, microphone, camera, video camera, etc. (not computers, music instruments, or furniture)
  • Supplies: tapes, paper, DVDs, CD ROMs, books, scores, etc.
  • Administration: postage, printing, etc.
  • Travel: pertaining to non-local data collection (not for dissemination of results)
  • Travel: pertaining to presentation of results at AOSA conference – registration fee only
  • Any additional expenses

Note: Clearly distinguish funds requested from the AOSA Research Award and funds requested from other sources (such as personal and institutional).

Award Conditions – Upon accepting the grant, applicants agree to:

  1. Share the findings of the study at an AOSA Professional Development Conference within 18 months of the completion of the project. The findings may have been presented at other conferences.
  2. Submit a written summary of the findings to the Editorial Board of The Orff Echo. The complete study may have been submitted to or published in another professional journal.
  3. Provide one bound copy of the completed study to the Isabel McNeill Carley Library. Include Title, Author(s) and Affiliations, Abstract, Introduction, Review of Literature, Methodology, Results, Discussion/Summary, and References. Contact Eastman School of Music Special Collections Librarian and Archivist David Peter Coppen, or (585) 274-1335, for details on where/how to send.
  4. Provide one electronic copy of the completed study to the AOSA Professional Development/Research Chair, Include Title, Author(s) and Affiliations, Abstract, Introduction, Review of Literature, Methodology, Results, Discussion/Summary, and References.
  5. Print the following statement as acknowledgement in any publication of the study: “This project was supported in part by a Research Grant from the American Orff-Schulwerk Association. Funding of this research project does not imply endorsement of a specific method, philosophy, or approach by the American Orff-Schulwerk Association.”
  6. Agree to the following compensation: Ten percent (10%) of the award will be held by AOSA until the project is presented; at that time the remaining funds will be released. All other travel expenses remain the responsibility of the grant recipient.
  7. AOSA requires recipients to return a signed contract outlining the above conditions before grant payment is issued.

If the grant recipient fails to comply, AOSA reserves the right to recall this funding.

for January 2020 deadline.