The Research Partnership Grant encourages collaborative research projects between a school-music teacher as the primary investigator/team leader and a university-based researching teacher. The research team agrees to present the findings of their work at an AOSA Professional Development Conference following the study and to provide a summary article for consideration by the Editorial Board of The Orff Echo for publication. The complete study may be submitted to any other professional journal for publication.


  • To encourage and support joint research related to Orff Schulwerk by music teachers and experienced researchers. (For possible examples, refer to the document entitled Research Committee Initiatives on the AOSA website  (
  • To make sponsored research available through AOSA’s Isabel McNeill Carley Library


  • Grant is open to any research team that includes at least one practicing music teacher of grades PK-12 in a school setting and one faculty member with substantial research experience at a college or university.
  • Team members will collaborate closely in designing and implementing a research project.
  • Practicing music teacher serves as Primary Investigator.
  • University faculty member serves as Co-Investigator in an advisory role


  • Grant requests of $500 to $8,000 will be considered
  • In some cases, partial funding may be awarded
  • Itemized budget, as outlined by university procedures, is REQUIRED-(see Section 3.2 of application form)

  • Grant award funds not accepted in the year allocated will go back to the AOSA Research funds


  • AOSA National Membership
  • Résumé reflecting knowledge of or expertise in Orff Schulwerk
  • Letter of reference
  • Completed Research Proposal


  • Submission Dates: January 15
  • Notification Dates: April 1


  • Online Application – A revised application will be available soon.

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