Ashleigh Miller

Since the completion of the course, I have continued to analyze my role in the classroom and how I can take things to the next level with my students. I have found many ways to enhance previous lessons, as well as create new and exciting lessons that will help my students realize a greater personal… Read more »

Brittany McCleery

It was amazing to get to collaborate with teachers from around the country! I am so glad I decided to finish my Orff-Schulwerk certification by taking Level III. It was the experience of a lifetime.

Stephen Forsythe

I can now challenge my students even further with the knowledge I have gained. I know that I will be able to push my students’ creativity even further.

Amanda Burke

I have grown as a teacher and musician through all my level training, however, Level III really brought it all together.  I now have the confidence and knowledge to further apply Orff Schulwerk in my classroom.  I will forever be thankful to AOSA for helping me provide the best education to my students through furthering… Read more »

Teena Boone

I have completed my Level III training and am so glad I did it! My brain is spinning with new ideas as I look ahead to a new school year. I also was able to get to know many local music teachers much better and am now looking forward to working with them again…

Amy Burke

Until I took a levels course, I really didn’t get it.  I thought I was doing everything right.  My undergraduate  training showed me that there was only one way…until I learned about Orff.  After taking Level I and Level II,  I still don’t feel like I have mastered what I do, however, I feel like I am approaching my… Read more »

Grace Jordan

My career as a teacher has been profoundly influenced by the three summers that I spent in Orff level training. Each course enabled me to see the sequential patterns in our curriculum. It allowed me to view improvisation as a necessary and exciting part of the students’ musical experiences, rather than a terrifying lack of… Read more »

Rosemary Pilonero

Levels courses completely changed the way I teach. I became much more aware of the process of teaching and not just the outcome of my lessons.  Level I gave me a great deal of materials to use in my lessons.  Level II stretched me musically and helped me grow as a teacher and musician.  Level… Read more »