Independent Study Units (ISU) include videos, articles, and lesson ideas from the AOSA Resource Library. These units offer independent study to fit your own schedule. Each unit provides 4.5 contact hours. A final Google Form is provided to document completion of your work. The form includes questions from the materials covered as a reflection of your work. Once each form is completed, a certificate will be sent within two weeks to confirm your clock hours. Submit a copy to your administration as proof of completion. One graduate credit is available for completing any three ISU modules, two credits for any five modules. For information on these units please visit the AOSA Independent Study Unit page on our member site. Topics of study include:

Artistry in the Schulwerk – Ways to expand your own and your students’ artistry using the Orff Schulwerk approach

Students With Special Needs – Connections and concepts to engage students with special needs in the Orff Schulwerk classroom

The Volumes – Insight and application of the role the Volumes play in an Orff Schulwerk classroom

Beyond Level I – Ideas and extensions to the Level I experience for application in the classroom

Classroom Management – Concepts, ideas, and applications of classroom management in an Orff Schulwerk classroom

Curriculum and Assessment – Direction and ideas on how to build curriculum and assess student progress

Jazz and the Schulwerk – Concepts, applications, and ideas for how Jazz is taught and performed in the Orff Schulwerk Classroom

Singing in the Schulwerk – Insight and ideas with how singing is an important medium when using the Orff Schulwerk approach