The Orff Echo, Spring 2018: Orff Schulwerk in America: Our 50th Anniversary Issue (submission deadline: August 15, 2017)

In celebrating 50 years of Orff Schulwerk in the United States, The Orff Echo editorial board is seeking submissions for our Spring 2018 issue, Orff Schulwerk in America: Our 50th Anniversary Issue.

On May 11, 1968, a group of 10 music educators in Muncie, Indiana established the American Orff-Schulwerk Association. For 50 years “the Schulwerk” has been a foundational part of teacher education and the creative play and musical understanding of countless children. The first issue of The Orff Echo included this quote by Arnold Burkart in the President’s Message: “Thousands of persons on this continent have become fascinated by the potentials of Carl Orff’s philosophies and procedures of music education. Many of us have experienced through teaching the transformation of potential into delightful actualities” (The Orff Echo Vol 1, No. 1). Reflecting on the past while remaining vigilant toward the future, the editorial board seeks submissions on your philosophies and “delightful actualities” of the application of Orff Schulwerk. What draws us to the Schulwerk? How has it evolved? Where do we go from here?
We encourage writers to consider the following questions:

  • What critical issues exist in Orff Schulwerk today?
  • How has Orff Schulwerk evolved? Consider Orff Schulwerk teacher education levels programs, national conferences, classroom implementation, instrumentation, and so forth.
  • How does Orff Schulwerk align with and/or impact other current approaches to music education?
  • How are the original Orff Schulwerk source materials used today?
  • How do the practice and philosophy of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association connect with Orff Schulwerk internationally?
  • What is the likely direction of Orff Schulwerk in America over the next 50 years?

The Orff Echo is always interested in original research and informative, lively articles covering all other aspects of Orff Schulwerk—movement, improvisation, play, and singing. Our new format allows for submissions focused on your area of interest in addition to our featured topic.
Please contact Richard Lawton ( or Nicola F. Mason ( with submissions, proposals, and questions regarding the Spring 2018 issue: Orff Schulwerk in America: Our 50th Anniversary Issue.