The Orff Echo Editorial Board is soliciting articles for the Summer 2019 issue, “Orff Schulwerk and Inclusivity.” Submission deadline is November 15, 2018.

As opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds and developmental levels to interact with each other increase, flexibility within approaches to general music is key to facilitating the development of lifelong music learners.

We invite various types of submissions on topics such as (1) special needs (cognitive and behavioral); (2) gender; (3) sexuality, (4) age, (5) culture, and (6) collaboration across approaches. We encourage writers to consider the following questions:

  1. What role does the Schulwerk have in reaching students with developmental, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, or other needs?
  2. How has the concept of gender been historically represented and how might it evolve in the present-day Orff classroom?
  3. How can the Schulwerk promote the inclusion of all students and educators regardless of sexual orientation or sexual identity?
  4. How can the flexibility of the Schulwerk expand to include different ages of learners, both inside and outside school, and before, during, and after the schooling years?
  5. How can the Orff Schulwerk approach respond to, increase authentic knowledge of, and sustain the cultures of non-Western students?
  6. How can various approaches to general music education collaborate to form a more inclusive classroom culture?

The Orff Echo Editorial Board is always interested in original research and informative articles covering all aspects of Orff Schulwerk and music education, such as movement, play, singing, assessment, and curricular planning. Our format allows for submissions dedicated to your area of interest in addition to our featured topic.

Please contact Lisa Lehmberg ( and Matthew Stensrud ( and with submissions or questions regarding the Summer 2019 issue, “Orff Schulwerk and Inclusivity.” For submission guidelines or for general questions about The Orff Echo, send inquiries to Linda Hines (