Professional Learning Networks offer AOSA members access to Orff Schulwerk Master Educators in a multi-session format including learning and discussion on topics important to today’s Orff educator. These multi-session PLNs give educators an opportunity to connect, communicate, and collaborate across technology taking deep dives into concepts and ideas important to Orff Schulwerk and music education. Offered as live events at scheduled times, all PLNs are also recorded for future review. Information on upcoming PLN’s can be found on the Professional Learning Network page on our member site.

AOSA Virtual Events provide virtual training in a variety of formats to meet your professional development needs. AOSA Virtual Events are stand-alone sessions meant to help you with becoming better Orff Schulwerk educators providing hands-on, activities-based training that you can apply in your class after watching just one session. AOSA Virtual Events range from the Mondays with Music Series to stand-alone web events that help you learn more about AOSA, our programming, and the Orff Schulwerk approach. Offered as live events at scheduled times, all virtual events are also recorded for future review.

PLN’s and Virtual Events are archived in the AOSA Resource Library. You can browse the listings and read descriptions by clicking Professional Learning Network or AOSA Virtual Events in the Resource Type search field on the library landing page. Member log-in necessary to open the pages and view the recordings.