Teacher Education Courses

Teacher Education Courses provide the depth of understanding of Orff Schulwerk that daylong workshops just begin. A comprehensive three-level curriculum comprised of pedagogy, recorder and movement is designed to develop the musicianship, creativity and teaching strategies of the adult learner. Completing the courses and gaining a Certificate of Completion will give the teacher clarity and continuity to implement Orff Schulwerk into the 21st Century classroom.

Local Chapter Workshops

Local chapter workshops open the door to opportunities for teachers that will bring new ideas to you and your students:

  • Classroom management skills that encourage active, focused student participation
  • Instructional presentation/processes that build students’ performance skills and understanding of the essential standards
  • Explore speech, singing, playing and movement to encourage the innate curiosity and creativity of children
  • Network with music colleagues

Professional Development Conference

The Annual Professional Development Conference offers more opportunities for professional growth, networking and inspiration.

AOSA Virtual Offerings

Professional Learning Networks give AOSA members acccess to Orff Schulwerk Master Educators in a webinar format including learning and discussion on topics important to today’s Orff educator. Independent Study Units include videos, articles, and lesson ideas from the AOSA Resource Library and offer independent study to fit your own schedule.