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Presenter Title
Amidon, Peter and Mary Alice Teaching Traditional Dance to Children
Broeker, Jay Poems to Pieces: The Drum, the Voice, the Dance
Burnett, Brian Authentic Assessment in the General Music Class
Coulter, Dee Joy Brain Science, Music and the Developing Mind
Feierabend, John First Steps in Music Readiness for Literacy
Frazee, Jane The Gift and Challenge of Carl Orff
Gagné, Danai Moving with the Drum: Drumming with the Movement
Giebelhaus-Maloney, Debra Storytelling through Music for the Young
Gilbert, Anne Green Creative Dance for Children Aged 8 to 15
Gillespie, Avon Possibility Teaching
Glaze-Zook, Martha Orff in a Head Start Program: Seeds of Discovery/Exploration
Goodkin, Doug Near the Beginning: Orff Schulwerk for Preschool
Grenoble, Barbara Orff’s Wildflowers in America
Hall, Doreen; Mattesius, Joe; Nash, Grace Reminiscences of Toronto
Hampton, Walt African-Style Marimbas in the Classroom
Hartmann, Wolfgang It Began In Bavaria…Now it Belongs to the World
Hepburn, Beth Ann Merging the Streams
Hug, Jo Ella Integrating Recorder Pedagogy in Upper Elementary
Imiolo-Schriver, Deborah Whack and Stack with Unpitched Percussion
Kubitsky, Idit Éwe Children’s Music From Ghana in the Classroom
King, Carol Process for Primaries
Lex, Maja Vintage Dance Tape
Longden, Sanna Dances with High Guy Appeal
McCoy, Matt Recorder…Right From the Start
Medley, Karen Music Gets a Twinkle in my Eyes and a Jump in my Feet
Mueller, Sue Equipping the Process Without Equipment
Noll, Sarah Song, Drum, Dance, Mallets
Petty, Karen Assessment Can Be Fun and Games
Sams, Roger Singing, Saying, Moving, Playing
Scott, Julie Let’s Start at the Very Beginning: Teaching Recorder

Videos from Recent AOSA Professional Development Conferences:

2014 (Nashville)

Presenter Title
Drake,Soshanna/Stephansky, Joyce What’s so Common about Elemental Music?
Pospisilova, Lenka A Musical Trip to the Moon
Wuytack, Jos 2015 Distiguished Service Award Recipient Interview

2013 (Denver)

Presenter Title
Cribari, Paul That’s not how I learned it!

2012 (St. Louis)

Presenter Title
Ostertag, Andrea Out of the Space, Into the Time
Ware, Patrick Scat Swing Ring-a-Ding Ding

2011 (Pittsburgh)

Presenter Title
West Orff to the Stars
Basile, Donna Recorder and Poetry
Kodiak Music Midlines…
Murray Caputo Expanding the Story
Scott, Julie Singing in Orff Schulwerk

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