Teacher Education Courses

Since the completion of the course, I have continued to analyze my role in the classroom and how I can take things to the next level with my students. I have found many ways to enhance previous lessons, as well as create new and exciting lessons that will help my students realize a greater personal connection to the world around them.

Ashleigh Miller

It was amazing to get to collaborate with teachers from around the country! I am so glad I decided to finish my Orff-Schulwerk certification by taking Level III. It was the experience of a lifetime.

Brittany McCleery

I can now challenge my students even further with the knowledge I have gained. I know that I will be able to push my students’ creativity even further.

Stephen Forsythe

I have grown as a teacher and musician through all my level training, however, Level III really brought it all together.  I now have the confidence and knowledge to further apply Orff Schulwerk in my classroom.  I will forever be thankful to AOSA for helping me provide the best education to my students through furthering my own education and musicianship.

Amanda Burke

I have completed my Level III training and am so glad I did it! My brain is spinning with new ideas as I look ahead to a new school year. I also was able to get to know many local music teachers much better and am now looking forward to working with them again…

Teena Boone

Until I took a levels course, I really didn’t get it.  I thought I was doing everything right.  My undergraduate  training showed me that there was only one way…until I learned about Orff.  After taking Level I and Level II,  I still don’t feel like I have mastered what I do, however, I feel like I am approaching my students in the best  way for them to learn to become musical beings.  I watch them be creative and inventive in everything they do  and develop their own musicianship.   I am also developing my own musicianship and finding a way to  challenge myself.  I am excited to complete my Orff education with Level III very soon.

Amy Burke

My career as a teacher has been profoundly influenced by the three summers that I spent in Orff level training. Each course enabled me to see the sequential patterns in our curriculum. It allowed me to view improvisation as a necessary and exciting part of the students’ musical experiences, rather than a terrifying lack of control on my part. The courses encouraged me to process carefully, invite creativity and always engage the students in each and every valuable lesson.

Grace Jordan

Levels courses completely changed the way I teach. I became much more aware of the process of teaching and not just the outcome of my lessons.  Level I gave me a great deal of materials to use in my lessons.  Level II stretched me musically and helped me grow as a teacher and musician.  Level II gave me the confidence to come up with my own lesson ideas incorporating the Orff process.  I would not be the teacher I am today if it had not been for the excellent training I received through the Levels courses.  I look forward to taking Level III this summer.

Rosemary Pilonero