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Orff Schulwerk: Musicianship and Creativity for All


AOSA supports creative music and movement teaching

Reverberations: Teachers teaching teachers

November/December 2017 Issue

  • Speaking Volumes: Musical Components in Orff/Keetman Models
  • Feature: From Class to Stage – Ten Concert Tips
  • Lesson Idea: Using Movement to Introduce a Masterwork
  • From the Classroom: Picture Cards to Facilitate Student Choice

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Diversity Matters

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AOSA is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive membership, promoting an understanding of issues of diversity and inclusion, and providing teaching and learning resources that respect, affirm, and protect the dignity and worth of all.

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Grants for Instruments

“You have made an incredible difference in the lives of my students. Some of my children may never be able to afford an instrument of their own, but they now have the ability to own these instruments as members of their school community.”

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