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  • By becoming a member of AOSA, you will form associations with other talented arts educators who continue to seek professional renewal and growth in the same atmosphere of playful spontaneity and musical discovery that your students will experience in the Orff Schulwerk classroom.
  • Membership provides teachers with unique opportunities for creative musical growth through their own active participation in area workshops and national conferences.
  • Members receive two quarterly publications: The Orff Echo, which publishes scholarly and research articles that extend understanding of the Schulwerk and related approaches to music education; and Reverberations, an on-line publication containing AOSA news and teaching resources that support classroom applications of the Orff-Schulwerk.
  • You will be eligible for AOSA sponsored grants and scholarships for music teacher education, instruments and other special creative projects that are associated with the Orff approach and that will benefit the music education of children.
  • You gain access to the AOSA video library, which contains hundreds of professionally produced, informational videos.
  • Members save 50% on registration for the annual AOSA professional development conference held each November.
  • You will be able to use the Members Only section of the AOSA website which includes teaching resources, on-line videos, access to research related to Orff-Schulwerk, and much more.

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Membership Categories

To accommodate the needs of our diverse community, AOSA offers the following membership options:

Category Dues as of July 1, 2012
Regular Membership $85.00
Three-Year Regular Membership $215.00
Student Membership* $25.00
Online Student Membership** FREE
Retired Membership*** $56.00
Music Industry Member $120.00

* Available to full-time undergraduate and graduate students; copy of student ID and proof of full-time status required
** No subscription to The Orff Echo; available to full-time undergraduate and graduate students; copy of student ID and proof of full-time status required
*** Available to those at least age 55 and retired

For all memberships outside of the U.S., an additional $30.00 shipping surcharge will be added for each year purchased to cover international postage charges.

Institutional Subscriptions

Libraries and Institution may purchase subscriptions of The Orff Echo at the following rates.

Type of Subscription Rate
One Copy Subscription $50.00
Two Copy Subscription $80.00
Three Copy Subscription $100.00

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