Aah. Summer break is finally here. It’s a time to relax, refresh, rejuvenate, rekindle your spirit, or challenge your mind. Rediscover the joy. Explore your creativity. Take the long way.

  • Dive into (immerse yourself in) (explore) a culture new to you. These days the world is a click away. Listen to music, taste the food, read newspapers from, and books, about your spot in the world. Watch videos, documentaries and movies from and about and from your chosen place.
  • Download recordings of the Music for Children Volumes…not to plan your next concert, but to enjoy the beauty and brilliance of this amazing source material. Allow yourself to let the music soak in, be a sponge
  • Explore teaching apps. No deadlines, no pressure, just take the time to explore.
  • Watch or listen to Ted talks. If you are already a fan of Ted talks, then I need say no more. If you are new to them, you are in for an eye-opening and mind-blowing experience when you realize the range of compelling presentations. Because there is so much to see/hear and so little time, use the Ted Tags to narrow your search. Summer is an excellent time to do some deeper thinking about teaching and the creative process.
  • Another excellent program: listen to Radiolab or download the podcasts. Are you interested in learning more about creativity or how your brain functions? Have you ever thought about seeing the world through the eyes of insects? Even topics you aren’t interested in become fascinating in the hands of the Radiolab hosts.
  • Find a bricks and mortar bookstore. Go to the children’s section and browse. No pressure to find a book for Monday’s third grade lesson, just enjoy and imagine.