The Orff Echo Editorial Board is soliciting articles for the Fall 2021 issue. The featured topic is “Songs and Singing.” The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2021.

We are inspired by songs, we share cultural treasure and understanding through songs, and we literally resonate with one another when we sing together. “Songs and Singing” seeks to challenge and uplift our practice through exploring the role of songs and singing in American Orff Schulwerk.

We invite various types of submissions such as (1) philosophical and theoretical work reflecting the application of the Schulwerk; (2) interpretation and adaptation of Orff pedagogical techniques for music and other teachings; (3) empirical and/or historical research related to the Schulwerk; (4) articles that support AOSA’s diversity statement.

We encourage writers to consider the following questions:

  1. What does “Songs and Singing” mean in Orff Schulwerk and in your world?
  2. How do you select songs and evaluate them from a culturally-responsive perspective?
  3. How do you teach singing as an Orff educator?
  4. How does singing nourish community?
  5. What effect does singing have on our bodies—physically, mentally, and emotionally?
  6. How do we teach all voices and singers (young, old, transgender/transitioning,

    changing, etc.)?

  7. How do we keep singing through restrictions and distance-learning?

The Orff Echo Editorial Board is always interested in original research and informative articles covering all aspects of Orff Schulwerk and music education, such as movement, play, singing, assessment, and curricular planning. Our format allows for submissions dedicated to your area of interest in addition to our featured topic.

Please contact Christine Ballenger (, Juliana Cantarelli Vita (, or Roxanne Dixon ( with submissions or questions regarding the Fall 2021 issue, “Songs and Singing.” For general questions about The Orff Echo, send inquiries to Linda Hines ( Articles can be submitted through the Echo Articles Submission Form.