Orff Schulwerk pedagogy includes an intentional process that uses a variety of deliberate activities, allowing for the adaptation of its application and relevance across time and space. But what is the pedagogy of the Orff Schulwerk? What is the Orff Schulwerk process? And what adaptations have been made by teachers to maintain the relevance of the Orff Schulwerk with diverse students? These questions provide a vehicle for reflection on the roots of the Orff Schulwerk and an invitation to revisit the foundation of our practice.

We encourage writers to consider the following questions:

  • What are the basics of the Orff Schulwerk?
  • What philosophical questions arise from the various interpretations of the Orff Schulwerk?
  • How do the roots of the Orff Schulwerk drive our practice today?
  • How does the Orff Schulwerk engage the student at various stages of learning?
  • How do the original source materials of the Schulwerk (Elementaria, Music for Children, Spielbuch für Xylophon) guide today’s teachers?
  • How are the foundations of teacher education aligned with Orff Schulwerk education?
  • What research supports the continued focus on the basics of the Schulwerk?

The Orff Echo is always interested in original research and informative, lively articles covering all other aspects of Orff Schulwerk—movement, improvisation, play, and singing. Our format allows for submissions focused on your area of interest in addition to our featured topic.

Please contact Christine Ballenger (ceballeng@gmail.com) or Dr. Nicola F. Mason (nicola.mason@eku.edu) with submissions, proposals, and questions regarding the Winter 2020 issue, “Back to Basics.” Deadline for submissions is May 15, 2019. For general questions about The Orff Echo, send inquiries to Linda Hines (echoeditor@aosa.org).