The Orff Echo Editorial Board is soliciting articles for the Summer 2020 issue. The featured topic is “Orff Schulwerk and Pop Culture: Trending Now.” The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2019.

“Orff Schulwerk and Pop Culture: Trending Now” seeks to explore the ways in which current trends in popular culture and education are observed (or not!) within Orff Schulwerk approaches and classrooms.

We invite various types of submissions such as (1) philosophical and theoretical work reflecting the application of the Schulwerk; (2) interpretation and adaptation of Orff pedagogical techniques for music and other teachings; (3) empirical and/or historical research related to the Schulwerk.

We encourage writers to consider the following questions:

  1. How can popular culture and music be effectively included in the Orff Schulwerk classroom?
  2. How can current practices used in Orff ensembles intersect with those of other ensembles, such as Modern Band?
  3. What is, or what could be, the role of popular music in Orff Schulwerk?
  4. How can the Orff instrumentarium be expanded to include new instruments and technologies?
  5. How have popular trends made an impact on today’s Orff Schulwerk classroom?
  6. How has songwriting been effectively integrated into the creativity-based foundation of Schulwerk classrooms?
  7. How have some of the most top-selling and popular genres, such as hip hop and rap, been successfully used in Orff Schulwerk classrooms?

The Orff Echo Editorial Board is always interested in original research and informative articles covering all aspects of Orff Schulwerk and music education, such as movement, play, singing, assessment, and curricular planning. Our format allows for submissions dedicated to your area of interest in addition to our featured topic.

Please contact Lisa Lehmberg (lehmberg@, Christine Ballenger (, or Martina Vasil ( with submissions or questions regarding the Summer 2020 issue, “Orff Schulwerk and Pop Culture: Trending Now.” For general questions about The Orff Echo, send inquiries to Linda Hines ( Articles can be submitted through The Orff Echo portal at