Jan Baker is a Music and Movement educator with 30 years of experience in the Texas public schools.  An active Jan Bakermember and past officer of the North Texas Chapter of AOSA, she has also served as an AOSA Region III Representative.  Jan is an active presenter who specializes in professional development sessions with a focus on movement and traditional dances from all over the world.

Advocacy Statement
“I feel honored to be included in the AOSA auction.  Throughout my career, AOSA has been the leader in my professional development by providing great presenters at AOSA Professional Development Conferences, maintaining quality Summer courses, and all the extra benefits of being a member.  Chapters have such an important job in planting the seeds of Orff Schulwerk by offering workshops for their members and helping them sing, say, dance, play and more in their classrooms!  I encourage chapters to participate in the auction.  It is a great tool for chapters while also supporting the wonderful work of AOSA.”

Dates Available
Other months may be available too:
September, October   2014, 2015, 2016
Late February 2015, 2016
April  2015, 2016

Possible Session Topics
Traditional dances of North America
Traditional dances and games from all over the world

Recent Workshops
AOSA Professional Development Conference, Denver
Texas Music Educators Association
North Texas chapter of AOSA
Kodaly Educators of Texas
Texas A&M University-Commerce
Various Texas school districts