Patrick WareDr. Patrick Ware holds degrees from Westfield State University, Radford University and Shenandoah Conservatory.  Having completed Level III Orff Schulwerk training and basic pedagogy apprenticeship he has taught movement and recorder for Carnegie Mellon and the Worcester Orff Institute’s Certification Programs.  He is currently movement instructor for the University of Memphis certification program.  Patrick teaches K-5 elementary music and chorus in Prince William County, Virginia.  Works by Dr. Ware are published through Beatin’ Path Publications.

Advocacy Statement
“U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan stated that an education in the Arts is ‘…essential to stimulating the creativity and innovation that will prove critical to young Americans competing in a knowledge-based, global economy.’  I believe that music instruction utilizing the Orff approach naturally fosters the inquisitive nature and inherent search for aesthetic beauty within each child that we have the privilege to nurture.  Through sharing our gifts as musicians and educators with our children we are able to cultivate their gifts as creative beings.  It is the work that we do today that will bring forth the unimaginable beauty and wonder of our children and their future.”

Dates available
February, March, April 2016
February, March, April 2017

Possible Session Topics
Creative Movement Big and Small
Hip Cats and Cool Kids (Jazz in the elementary classroom)
The Joy of Song
Working with Words
Read, Sing, Dance (Using children’s literature)
Improvise! (Improvisation across all media of the Schulwerk)
Orff Schulwerk & Students with Special Needs

Recent Workshops 2012-14
Idaho Orff Chapter
Carnegie Mellon University
LSU/East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools
Danville, VA Public Schools
West Virginia MEA
AOSA National Conference, Denver CO
New York City Chapter of AOSA
Evergreen Chapter

Recent Publications
Here’s Two – a jazz collection for the Orff Classroom Grades 4-8
Sing Winter
Sounds of Winter
This May be the Last Time
Mary at the Kitchen Door