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The Orff Echo solicits articles about international perspectives on Orff Schulwerk

The Orff Echo Editorial Board is soliciting articles for the Winter 2018 issue, “Orff Internacionále.” We invite various types of submissions such as: (1) philosophical and theoretical work reflecting the application of the Schulwerk in classrooms around the world; (2) interpretation and adaptation of Orff pedagogical techniques and instrumentation for world and multicultural music teaching;… Read more »

Janet Robbins Awarded AOSA’s Excellence in Research Award

At the November 2016 AOSA Professional Development Conference, we awarded Dr. Janet Robbins, Professor Emerita of Music Education at West Virginia University, the American Orff-Schulwerk Association’s Excellence in Research Award. In a letter of recommendation submitted by Dr. Martina Vasil, Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of Kentucky School of Music, Dr. Robbins… Read more »

Workshops, workshops, workshops!

Almost every weekend you will find a chapter workshop somewhere in the country. Check out our Local Chapters page to find out what is happening near where you live.

Vote: 2017 National Board Elections

The following members have been nominated as candidates for servant leadership on the AOSA National Board of Trustees. Voting is open from January 3, 2017 to February 3, 2017. You can access the ballot form in the member side of the site. Clink on any name below to view a picture of the candidate and… Read more »

The Orff Echo seeks articles about Orff and Digital Media

The Orff Echo Fall 2017 – Elementaria Electronica: Orff and Digital Media (submission deadline February 15, 2017) “I happen to think that computers are the most important thing to happen to musicians since the invention of cat-gut…which was a long time ago.” —Robert Moog It has often been observed that a child with a cell… Read more »

Echo Editorial Board Seeks New Members

Have you considered serving AOSA? Do you have a passion for writing and editing? Join our dynamic team of editors on The Orff Echo editorial board. Applications for new editorial board members are being accepted. Deadline for applications is February 1, 2017. The Orff Echo Editorial Board Job Description          Online Appplication

Scholarship and Grant Applications due January 15

ARE YOU… A current member of AOSA, in good standing for one full year prior? And… Able to demonstate personal need for financial aid? And… A U.S. citizen (or have resided in the U.S. at least 5 years)? If so, you are eligible for scholarships for professional development or grants to purchase instruments/equipment. Click on… Read more »

2016-2017 Local Workshops Announced

A new webpage with information about local chapters of AOSA and information on workshops all over the country has been created to give you workshop details as soon as they are provided by local chapters of AOSA.

Carolee Stewart Awarded the Medallion of the International Orff Schulwerk Forum

At the 9th International Orff Schulwerk Symposium in Salzburg Carolee Stewart was awarded the Medallion of the International Orff Schulwerk Forum. This award is given to honor lifelong committed and exemplary work with and for the Orff-Schulwerk. Read a copy of Haselbach remarks about Carolee Steward from the presentation.